I am Emily Watson, a cut flower grower, designer, and owner of Stems Cut Flowers. Raised in a farming community and graduating from UW-Madison with a degree in biology/wildlife ecology, it’s no wonder that my work experience in landscaping and floral design led me to further my education in cut flower growing and start my own business.

In 2008 I borrowed a little land from my grandparents at their farm in East Troy, WI to start my flower growing operation. I am blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive network of family and friends. There is no way this ever would have happened with out them.

If you want to read more about how I started my farm and how I keep it going (or why?? I keep it going) check out my blog.

becoming a flower farmer

Sustainable practices

  • I do not douse my plants in synthetic fertilizers and fungicides. I don’t want to be exposed to it, I don’t want anyone to be exposed to it.
  • I use responsible pest management techniques only using organic approved methods and only when absolutely necessary.
  • I am a big fan of that Purple Cow compost, for seed starting and field fertility.
  • I have a couple of solar panels to run the ventilation system in the greenhouses.
  • Single use plastics make me cry a little, so I don’t use them. Not as weed barriers in the field nor to wrap my bouquets.
  • I do not use floral foam, that stuff is not biodegradable and it contains formaldehyde.
  • I reuse and reclaim supplies as much as possible, from flower buckets and vases to irrigation lines and support net.
  • I compost all of my floral waste, most places throw it in the garbage!!!

Quality Matters

I am a dedicated flower grower. I personally select all of the flowers on my farm and if they don’t preform well, then I don’t sell them to you.

Many of the varieties that I grow are the same florist strain varieties grown by many of the big flower farms in California, Holland, and South America (which is where an estimated 80% of the flowers sold in this country come from.) I also grow some of the same heirloom varieties that your grandma used to have in her flower garden. Either way all of the flowers I grow follow the same path: I plant them, water, feed and weed, harvest at just the right time, store them in my cooler, and deliver them to you.

I do buy flowers from other local growers but only ones who follow the same principles as I do.

If you have more questions check here or ask me. I’m happy to share.